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Green In Mind
In an effort to help raise awareness and encourage home-owners and renters to be as eco-friendly as possible while beautifying their homes, Nelly Youakim has designed a special program The Green Decorator Workshop™, whether you attend the workshop or just buy the book to be soon launched, you are guaranteed to learn a great deal about Green Design. Read more...
My Community
As a strong believer in the importance of contributing to a better life for the less fortunate, Youakim Home donates part of its benefits to charity.

Nelly Youakim is an active member of Habitat for Humanity Mississauga helping build hope. See the EVENTS section for up-to-date information on HFHM recent activities.
Nelly Youakim founder of Youakim Design Group, is a dynamic designer who believes that all houses must be transformed into homes, that are inspiring to the owners, and reflecting their personal style. For almost 10 years she has been designing and decorating homes in Canada after moving to the country from Greece where she previously lived for many years and had started her Design career. Nelly has a great flair for art and all things beautiful, she is very passionate about nature, where she gets most of her inspired ideas for designing homes.
In her own words Nelly says: "Our space has a direct influence on us and our well-being. When we live in a home that is beautifully designed, and well organized, it makes us feel happy, confident and good at home. It gives a sense of inner peace, we are able to manage many aspects of life with more ease, build better relationships at home and outside of the family, we also become inspired to achieve significant goals. Homes have also a huge impact on the development of children. What are they learning from their home, make it speak good words to them..."
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